Welcome to the Ghost Trackers Of Oklahoma’s WP blog!  Here you will find news on what’s happening with the new Tracking team here in Sapulpa, Oklahoma!  We are just getting a good start on the investigative phase of our development we’ve still got to practice and work on the logistics of this project.  There are a few other ghost hunting groups in Oklahoma, but we’re looking to set ourselves apart by doing the research, learning the ropes and paying our dues BEFORE we begin investigating other people’s homes. We’re still going to make some mistakes, though, as we’re just getting our feet wet, but at least (hopefully) we can go in with some idea what we’d like to accomplish.  The main emphasis in our investigation will be to bring peace of mind to the people we investigate for, by way of debunking and taking a logical approach to paranormal research.  Some of us are believers, some of us are skeptics, but most of us are skeptical believers.  This means that though we believe the phenomena exists, we also know that many times there are underlying natural causes for what is perceived to be paranormal phenomena.  We do not, as yet, have access to much of the more expensive equipment, and are beginning our search with the basics.  We have some video capability, cameras, audio and EM detection equipment.  We have our eyes, ears and noses as well.  Some of us have backgrounds in military and security, making this a team of trained observers.  We welcome anyone to check us out and join us on the yahoo group, however there is a screening process to join the investigation team.  This is for investigation quality assurance only, and in no way should be indicative of elitism. The goal would be to provide the client with the most professional, thoughtful, logical, open-minded, invested, well put together team possible.

We do not evaluate businesses or give credentials for being haunted/not haunted…however, we will help where we can with getting to the bottom of things.

So come check out our other sites, join us online, or if you think you have the stuff, come join us in the field!

Enjoy, and Happy Tracking!
D. E. Chandler
Co-Founder, GTOO


Ghost Trackers of Oklahoma is currently on Hiatus as schedules have become unworkable, but for more interesting blog posts on the metaphysical side of life and more, check out my blog, D.E. Chandler . Mondays are Metaphysical Mondays, and this week’s feature is timeslips. See You there!

Happy Little Trees: The Bob Ross Guide To Getting Your Creative Groove On.

Have you ever heard of a cadborosaurus? Nor had I until yesterday. I had researched Ogopogo, Champ, Nessie, the usual…but not this one. The full workup article will be posted to the Yahoo Group. Join us won’t you?

This gnarly critter was hauled out from under the Brooklyn Bridge in May. Apparently there was quite a large to do about it, and then the comparison revealed…

Atlantic Sturgeon.

Good Catch though, guys!

Check out the size of this hailstone from the May Tornados!

Yesterday marks our 1st Annual GTOO cookout! It was fun, there was good food
and horseshoes, and of course good friends. I think it’s something we’d like to
continue and do every year.

Who knows maybe next year there’ll be more of us!

Mysterious Oklahoma posted this video to you tube a couple of months ago. I’ve added it to the tracked in Oklahoma map…I’d like to stop out there and check it out someday soon.