Mysterious Oklahoma posted this video to you tube a couple of months ago. I’ve added it to the tracked in Oklahoma map…I’d like to stop out there and check it out someday soon.

  1. Thank you for a great post.

    • no name says:

      I am from Beaver, OK and there has been many years of talk of people disappearing and I know for a fact and several long time Beaver residents would agree. There is an eerie feeling out there. No matter what time of day it is. I have really wondered why this hasn’t been explored more or has it and no one knows it?

      • D.E. Chandler says:

        Well, it may be that nobody really knows what to think…I was recently told that the whole thing was a prank put on by some college student who was studying statistics. It was said that he wanted to see how quick everybody decided there was, in fact something going on out there, and that once it got started there was no stopping it. Now this is supposed to have come from the man himself….but it’s the internet…you never really know, do you?
        We don’t usually do rumors, but this one was kind of intriguing…But who knows which one’s the rumor?

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